badness of watching tv

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

maisarah mmg suke layan tv.
kalau tak tv die layan you tube.
tapi kalau you tube tu aku bleh trime lagi sbb yg die tgk pon sume yg aku tapis.
baby khalifah. nasyid aa ba ta. oh ayah oh ibu. mari bersolat. london bridge.
tapi bile part tv susah sket aku nk kontrol.

lelagi la skang ni ade babytv.
rase cam snang je keje aku.
sebab dalam babytv tu memacam ade.
first baby song. colours n shapes. charlie n numbers. emma theater. tulli the snail. oliver knows everything. dan macam2 lagi.
ada antaranya bagus untuk maisarah ade jugak la yg tak bagusnya.

aku nak kongsi sket dengan semua.

TV exposure in babies younger than 2 doesn't do any good, Schmidt and Christakis agree. But does that mean a few minutes in front of the tube will sentence a baby to remedial classes for the rest of his life? "What I tell parents is 'Ask yourself why you're having your baby watch TV,' " says Christakis. "If you absolutely need a break to take a shower or make dinner, then the risks are quite low. But if you are doing it because you think it's actually good for your child's brain, then you need to rethink that, because there is no evidence of benefit and certainly a risk of harm at high viewing levels."

If you want to stimulate your baby's brain, he says, try simply playing with him. In a recent study, Christakis showed that basic activities like playing with blocks with an 18-month-old can improve his language skills six months later.

so to all mummies out there..jgn sesekali biarkan anak korang sume layan tv dari pagi sampai ler ke malam. aku pon kene buat perubahan. ni tak..setiap kali kitorang ade keje nak buat kitorang pasang tv letak maisarah depan tv. NO NO NO! jgn buat dah! pasni aku akan bagi benda laen utk die layan.

notakakiku: dah lama sangat tak ke bookxcess!



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