5months lil honey~

Monday, September 20, 2010

5months lil honey~

Child's Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
1 month • Lifts head when lying on tummy
• Responds to sound
• Stares at faces
• Follows objects briefly with eyes
• Vocalizes: oohs and aahs
• Can see black-and-white patterns
• Smiles, laughs
• Holds head at 45-degree angle
2 months • Vocalizes: gurgles and coos
• Follows objects across field of vision
• Notices his hands
• Holds head up for short periods 
Smiles, laughs
• Holds head at 45-degree angle
• Makes smoother movements 
• Holds head steady
• Can bear weight on legs
• Lifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy (mini-pushup) 
3 months • Recognizes your face and scent
• Holds head steady
• Visually tracks moving objects
• Squeals, gurgles, coos
• Blows bubbles
• Recognizes your voice
• Does mini-pushup 
Rolls over, from tummy to back
• Turns toward loud sounds
• Can bring hands together, bats at toys
4 months • Smiles, laughs
• Can bear weight on legs
• Coos when you talk to him

• Can grasp a toy
• Rolls over, from tummy to back

• Imitates sounds: "baba," "dada"
• Cuts first tooth
• May be ready for solid foods
5 months • Distinguishes between bold colors
• Plays with his hands and feet always!
• Recognizes own name
yes! she know her name!

• Turns toward new sounds yes!
• Rolls over in both directions
• Sits momentarily without support mama tak try lagik!
• Mouths objects
• Separation anxiety may begin
6 months • Turns toward sounds and voices
• Imitates sounds
• Rolls over in both directions
• Is ready for solid foods
• Sits without support
• Mouths objects
• Passes objects from hand to hand
• Lunges forward or starts crawling
• Jabbers or combines syllables
• Drags objects toward himself

notakakiku: esok maisarah kene cucuk! mama dah start seram!



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