Tips nak bawak anak fly..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Aku yg tua ni pon setiap kali nak taking off or landing..telinga aku mesti berdengung. mmg tak selesa amat la. so camne maisarah nanti?? agak2 die selesa tak??

aku ade google sket info tips nak bawak baby fly..meh aku paste kat sini..

Babies and young children do not know how to clear their ears to reduce the pressure during takeoff and landing. Unless your child is asleep, you will need to help them. For older children, gum is a good aid. For babies, nursing, a bottle, or a pacifier will work. In addition to helping with ear pressure, milk also acts as a mild sedative, so feeding your child can set the stage for drifting off to sleep.
If your child is tired, consider going through as much of your sleep routine as possible during takeoff (reading stories, singing quietly) and tell them that you’ll be sitting for a long time, so this is a good time to sleep. Young babies often sleep well in flight with the motion of the plane and the engine noise providing a very soothing environment.

In Flight
Set expectations about what behavior you expect before your child gets into trouble. Acknowledge that it’s really hard to sit still for so long and tell them that you know they can do it and that you will help them when it gets difficult. Remind them about all the fun things you will get to do when you land. 

You need to make your travel toys last, so try not to bring them out until your child asks for them or gets bored. They’ll probably be amused for quite a while with just looking around, talking to the neighbors, and having some one-on-one time with you. When you do get out toys, get out one at a time so that each has a period of novelty. It’s fun to have some (or all) wrapped as gifts. The wrapping won’t add significantly to your load, but it will provide a little extra excitement and entertainment for your child. When possible, choose toys that work well together. 

Baby noses sometimes get stuffy during flight. Consider bringing along some saline drops (available at the pharmacy) and a small syringe. You can drip a few drops into baby's nose during or after the flight to clear things up. Some sources also say that cleaning the nose helps reduce baby's chances of getting sick Others recommend using expressed breast milk (if you have it) because it is non-drying and antibacterial.

As with takeoff, you’ll have to help your child with pressure in their ears during landing (if they are awake). If you need milk, water, or juice, get it from the flight attendant before the landing process begins.
After landing, it is easiest to wait until the other passengers have de-planed to gather your belongings and children. Despite your best efforts, some of their toys will be scattered on the floor or around the seat, and you won’t want to lose anything. If you’ve gate checked a stroller, it won’t be available immediately anyway, so you might as well wait in your seat instead of at the bottom of the airplane door. Best of all, not being part of the crush of passengers exiting the plane will also give your children a chance to peek in the cockpit.

harapnye maisarah will doing well tomorrow. tanak la die meragam. insyaAllah maisarah ok sebab maisarah anak yg baek. alih2 bapak die yg meragam. camno?? ekekeke

notakakiku: part yg last tu aku suke..mane tau dapat ushar pilot hensem..hahah~
notakaki tambahan: cepat la baek demam selesema aku ni. tak best g jalan2 camni gaya!!


Yu'xan Lee said...

nurul setakat nie yu'xan mmg love to fly, tak penah plak wat meragam2 k.. tp husband zura sllu praktik time take off ngan landing bg minum susu penah gak weouls tak bg pon minum tp dia ok ja...

Nurul try la maybe can help, lgpon maisarah dah besar, not so worries sbb dia dah pandai..

Yu'xan start fly time 4 bulan, time tue rasanya messy dan berdebar skt tp everything ok jek...heheh gud luck

Hepi holiday...


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