Swift Giveaway

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1)  Answer this question:
What's the name of Taylor Swift's third studio album? Is it:
a) Speak Now;
b) Speak Later; or
c) Don't Speak ?

My answer is: a) Speak Now!

2) Post up this pic:

Here's the pic!
posted it!

3) Tell us why you're a fan of Taylor Swift:
Gee..who is Taylor Swift?
OMG! She is super talented female artist i ever known!
She wrote her own song, sing it very super duper well, she know how to play instruments, she's sweet and pretty actress and she is freaking-gorgeous-fabulous-girl!
I love her dress. her hair. her shoes. and i love her damn much!
She is the best country pop-singer-songwriter and actress!
And else u guys want?!
She got everything!

for those nak join contest ni moh ler ke sini.
allmalaysian blogger project
tarikh tutup sampai 20 Feb 2011.
bnyk masa lagi kan??
lets reramai!



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