life is not easy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

nasehat dari seorang yang benar2 saya kagumi..

DUIT - doa, usaha, istiqamah and tawakkal.
anyway.... confidence dtg when you take all challenge in positive ways.
Negative comment, must come with a reason. Dignose it and be positive.
Accept criticism as there may be truth in it eventhough i...t is painful.
always believe there is a reason to it.
that how chinese can be successful because whenever they see a problem, there is always an opportunity. Tengok bukit pun ada DUIT.
Insyaallah once you have positive attitude, everything shall be positive.
to have a positive attitude is not easy as we thought. all we need is strength. inside n outside. may Allah guide me through my journey.

notakakiku: terima kasih bos..



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